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You’re an event planner and are eager for the resources and support to help guide you in your career! Being an event planner in this day and age comes with all sorts of challenges and we are here to let you know you are not alone and there are lots of people like you who are eager to do well but at times struggle with the anxiety that comes with producing an event. If you’ve ever questioned what you should do to produce an event, got caught wondering if you’ve made the right decision, or find yourself questioning your ability to even do it, this is for you! (PS – We’ve all been there!!! You’re not alone!)

What if you leaned on someone else’s power to believe in you, show you what you’re truly capable of, and empower you to feel the freedom it is to create a confident and resourceful you? This is for you if you feel out of alignment, maybe even without understanding why, but you know you are READY to become the most SUCCESSFUL and POWERFUL Event Planner you can be!


Bi-Weekly Group Forum
A bi-weekly Event Planner Forum Zoom call with Nancy Shaffer and Kristin Zeitler on lessons specifically geared towards the member’s needs on what to do when you have an event planning question. These forums also INCLUDE an incredible lineup of Special Guest Speakers and Experts every other week!

A Library of Event Planner Resources
You’ll be able to check out recordings of our sessions and find instant access to solutions to common EP problems as we move through this program! This access will be unlike any other!

Deep, meaningful friendship with like-minded and supportive people!
When you’re surrounded by a community of people who are all on the same mission of becoming the best professional event planner and version of themselves yet, you can rest assured that you don’t have to walk alone in every setback, every challenge and every WIN!

Wondering if it’s right for you?


Nancy and Kristin have taught me so much about my career as well as myself. Working with them was an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity, that I will always remember.

I fully believe that had it not been for them I wouldn’t be where I am now.  Nancy helped me to understand all the different avenues the event industry could take me. The BRAVO! team showed me that I could use my talents of planning a kick ass event to support the people who could do that. It’s my way of contributing to the world and something I think about every day while I’m working.

Another way BRAVO! has impacted me is that I’ve learned what a great leader looks like and how important it is. I bounced around to a few different places before landing on my current position and I’ve always compared my leadership to Nancy. I’ve learned that not everyone has the respect of their team and part of what makes BRAVO! so excellent is the fact that Nancy not only has the respect of her team and clients, but treats everyone like they are family. As cliché as that sounds, it’s the honest truth and I think that’s a huge part of why I loved working for BRAVO! so much.

Thank you Nancy and the BRAVO! team for everything you’ve done for me, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.






I have so many great memories of Nancy and Kristin! This is going to be a novel.  I am so grateful to have been supported by such loving, passionate and HILARIOUS people.

BRAVO! really taught me the importance of professional relationships and partnerships. Coordinating these marketing opportunities, no matter how big or small, would literally never happen it weren’t for all the other amazing companies with whom we worked. Fostering positive customer and partner relationships are essential to the success of everyone’s businesses and even personal happiness.

I learned that it is critical to like the people you work for and work with. As I mentioned before, coming into the office was something I dreaded. Coordinating, communicating, and (most importantly) LAUGHING with Nancy and the rest of the team made working feel…well, not like work. I am so incredibly thankful for the time I had at BRAVO!, for the professional experience it offered, and for the friendships it’s given me. I will always be a part of the BRAVO! family!

Hi! I’m Nancy

Mentoring you is a dream come true and this program is exactly what I have always imagined creating in order to help you achieve your dreams as an event planner!

Hi! I’m Kristin

It’s so much fun being able to create a space where event planners can come together and share their stories and get support from each other. This idea was born out of the need to support each other and I’m thrilled it’s coming to life!



 What will the schedule be?

We will host bi-weekly Zooms alternating on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. We do this so you can attend one live if your schedule doesn’t allow you to participate on either day!


Will the sessions be recorded?

Every session will be recorded and uploaded into a video library that will be your Resource Center throughout your time in the program!


Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel at anytime after one full month of payment.  Email to cancel.


Do I have to be an event planner to join the forum?

Yes, it is a requirement that you plan events as your full time job or part or your job at work.  We welcome all levels, whether you are new to your career or an experienced pro, the support and community is available to all!


Will my job pay for this membership?

Every organization is different but it is a great idea to let your boss and HR department know you are joining a professional development program. They may fund it! 


Will the rate go up?

The $29 a month is a special discounted rate for our Founding Members, so we definitely advise to get in while its at the lowest price it will ever be!