The Impact of a BRAVO! Event

Google City Experts Activation Events

BRAVO! created a series of events that were high energy, interactive and brand focused which proved to be the most sought after experiences within the City Experts program across the country.  The events were well marketed and shared across the Google community with over 500 attendees culminating in the last event BRAVO! produced that year with over 125% the attendance rate from the first one!  A true community was created for the participants of the program that enjoyed the experiences and being with each other. The Washington DC market saw an increase in Google+ reviews and number of new Google City Experts who joined the program daily!  Conversion rates exceeded expectations for the Google City Experts program managers.

Washington DC Economic Partnership Annual Meeting 

The half day program brought together over 600 of the top business and community leaders in Washington, DC, doubling attendance from the previous year. The experience was celebratory and provided an amazing insight into how much DC had grown thanks to the hard work of the attendees who were present. During the event, during a 2 hour timeframe, the #WeChooseDC and #DrivingChange campaigns became trending topics on Twitter with massive views streaming from the audience and local businesses tweets.

The campaign increased visibility metrics for the organization and the campaign We Choose DC has morphed into “WEDC” and is still the marketing slogan used by WDCEP till this day. The marketing and communications partnership between WDCEP and BRAVO! has created a lasting effect on the organization that has brought the DC community together to continue building and developing this great city!

Climate Action Summit

Climate Action 2016 summit drove high-level engagement with global luminaries addressing plenary sessions on how to deliver on climate commitments and embed the transformation agenda across the globe in government, key sectors and among the general population.

At the same time, the summit focused on convening working groups for sessions on near-term implementation actions and long-term implementation needs through the involvement of more than 700 guests.
Notable speakers included UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, former Vice President Al Gore and science Educator and media personality, Bill Nye. An opening reception was held at the Phillips Collection to welcome guests prior to the start of the summit.

AARP Diversity and Aging Inaugural Conference

BRAVO! created an event that exceeded expectations in attendance, with a showing of over 1,500 attendees. The event was described as being provocative and powerful and has become the leading conference on diversity and aging.

Attendees included 500 experts, thought leaders, practitioners and advocates in the field of aging to discuss issues related to diversity including age, race, sexuality and disabilities.

American Kidney Fund Annual Fundraising Gala

Emceed by Emmy Award-winning news anchor Shawn Yancy, The Hope Affair not only honored the inspirational individuals who fight kidney disease every day, it also celebrated the courage, commitment and passion shown by advocates, patients, caregivers, health professionals and innovators who work daily to improve health outcomes. BRAVO! Events took American Kidney Fund’s mission and brought it to life through emotive decor, engaging speakers, and uplifting entertainment.
Proceeds raised through The Hope Affair supported AKF’s prevention, early detection, financial support, disease management, clinical research, innovation and advocacy programs.

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