CLIENT: American Kidney Fund

“The Hope Affair” Annual Gala

Bringing the mission and vision of American Kidney Fund to life through an engaging and impactful branded live experience, their annual fundraiser gala.


The American Kidney Fund is a publicly supported non-profit organization founded in 1971. It provides comprehensive programs of kidney health awareness, education, and prevention. It provides financial assistance that helps 1 out of every 5 U.S. dialysis patients to access health care. 

Kidney disease is the fastest-growing non-contagious disease in the U.S. 37 million Americans have kidney disease — that’s 1 in 7 people. You are a kidney patient’s most important partner in fighting their disease on all fronts — from prevention and research through treatment and transplant.


American Kidney Funds mission is to fight kidney disease and help people live healthier lives; working on ensuring that every kidney patient has access to health care, and every person at risk for kidney disease is empowered to prevent it.

The Hope Affair Gala is an annual fundraiser to raise money for the American Kidney Fund’s services. One of the annual fundraiser’s goal is to pay tribute to the power and resilience of the kidney disease community.


The annual fundraiser was the opportune time to showcase the past year of work the organization had provided to kidney patients while inspiring the community of kidney advocates through an engaging program and honoree selection.


Emceed by Emmy Award-winning news anchor Shawn Yancy, The Hope Affair not only honored the inspirational individuals who fight kidney disease every day, it also celebrated the courage, commitment and passion shown by advocates, patients, caregivers, health professionals and innovators who work daily to improve health outcomes.
BRAVO! Events took American Kidney Fund’s mission and brought it to life through emotive decor, engaging speakers, and uplifting entertainment.
Proceeds raised through The Hope Affair supported AKF’s prevention, early detection, financial support, disease management, clinical research, innovation and advocacy programs.