CLIENT: Washington DC Economic Partnership

Annual Meeting and Development Showcase


The Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) is a for profit/non profit organization dedicated to facilitating economic development in the District of Columbia by promoting business opportunities throughout the District and contributing to business retention and attraction services.


WDCEP hosts the Annual Meeting and Development Showcase every year to celebrate economic impact and accomplishments in the nation’s capital while highlighting the partners, visionaries and stakeholders who make the District a leading global city for doing business.

BRAVO! was hired to be a strategic marketing and events partner for their 2013 showcase to increase the visibility of the event and to foster a strong sense of community and pride in the attendees.


BRAVO! worked with WDCEP’s in-house marketing and communications team to ideate and develop the “We Choose DC” and “Driving Change” campaign to creatively message the event. This inspired the overall theme of the event and was incorporated into the presentations and collateral involved during the showcase and annual meeting/luncheon.

Once the theme and messaging was created, BRAVO worked closely with all event vendors to utilize the We Choose DC and Driving Change slogans throughout all aspects of pre-event messaging, on-site design and post event follow ups.

The event consisted of three components: an exhibit showcasing local businesses, a luncheon, and a program with dignitaries and an economic outlook presentation.

All three areas of the event needed to capture the compelling history and mission of Washington DC’s economic growth while exciting attendees and boosting their sense of pride.



The half day program brought together over 600 of the top business and community leaders in Washington, DC, doubling attendance from the previous year.

The experience was celebratory and provided an amazing insight into how much DC had grown thanks to the hard work of the attendees who were present.

During the event, during a 2 hour timeframe, the #WeChooseDC and #DrivingChange campaigns became trending topics on Twitter with massive views streaming from the audience and local businesses tweets.

The campaign increased visibility metrics for the organization and the campaign We Choose DC has morphed into “WEDC” and is still the marketing slogan used by WDCEP till this day.

The marketing and communications partnership between WDCEP and BRAVO! has created a lasting effect on the organization that has brought the DC community together to continue building and developing this great city!